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What is a WISP?ubn-ag2g20

As a WISP, or Wireless Internet Service Provider, we provide High-Speed Broadband Internet service to our customers. One of the major benefits of being a WISP is that we can reach many of the customers who are limited to only Dial-Up Internet Service due to their location. We can often reach the “last-mile” customers that are too far away from the phone company or cable providers’ service area.

What We Are Not…

SateliteAntennaWe are not a satellite Internet provider. Our technology connects your house directly to one of our towers, rather than the satellites (in orbit around the Earth). What this means is that we can operate at normal broadband speeds without the high latency that cannot be avoided with satellite providers. Having a high latency on your Internet connection will cause it operate a little more slowly and cause major issues with voice or video calling and online gaming.


We are also not a cellular Internet provider. Whereas with most cell-phone carriers you can move your device around and take it with you on trips, we are a fixed-point-Internet provider. This means that your antenna must remain stationary and pointed in the direction of our nearest tower. But instead, we don’t require contracts and we don’t limit you on how much data you can use (how many GigaBytes you can download per month).

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